Reactivator+ Shampoo

stage of treatment:


Ref 025- 200ml
Ref 026- 500 ml


This remedy is to be used in cases of blood vessels dysfunction and alimentary lack of nutritive substances hair loss. It restores as hair bulb as hair shaft. Contains fresh cells of hydrolysed DNA, plant placenta, and vitamin and plant complex.

Mechanism of action
  1. Plant placenta contains amino acids and peptides, which are building material for hair bulb and fiber restoration, enforce regenerative processes and stimulate collagen and elastin biosynthesis—basic structural elements of skin and hair bulb cells.
  2. Horse chestnut and ginkgo extracts reduce arterial tone and improve cerebral blood flow, strengthen vessel wall—they work with a microcirculatory component of alopecia pathogenesis.
  3. Yeasts, nettle extract, and burdock extract fill in the lack of vitamins and microelements, having place at alopecia.
  4. Magnolia-vine and ginseng are adaptogenes (improve microcirculation, tone up, and increase cell sensitivity to another substances)
  5. Pepper extract, cinnamon essential oil, and orange-seed oil are “warming components” of this remedy. They improve microcirculation and stimulate an inflammation reaction at alopecia area.



Prevention and treatment of all types of hair loss of vascular and alimentary genesis, as well as restoration of weak, fine hair.


Application instructions:

apply to wet hair for 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Use 1-3 times a week in combination with Reactivator+ Lotion (for growth stimulation) and Chrysalid Oil Mask (for reconstructing the hair structure), or Structurizer Lotion, as well as in conjunction with Total Control Peeling for sensitive skin or Skin Breath Peeling Lotion for oily and normal skin.

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