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Trichology has not been known by someone who has never faced with scalp and hair diseases, and does not know what physical and emotional discomfort can bring such problems.
Trichology as a section of dermatology appeared in our country relatively recently, unlike in the West, where a personal trichologist is also important as a personal barber or gynecologist.
Our line was created by a doctor-trichologist as a result of 15 years’ experience in the field of trichology and integrates the latest achievements in biochemistry with biologically active plant substances extracted by using the latest technology of extraction with supercritical fluid-carbon dioxide.
This is a 5-step system of drugs that are selected individually, depending on the level of skin ph, and solve all possible dermatological and cosmetic problems of scalp and hair!

Dr. Trichologist - is:

Results in
2 weeks
to check the effectiveness
of drugs

Ingredients gathered along the whole Europe

Message from the founder

Dr. Trichologist
Julia Vlaskina Doctor-trichologist

We are glad to welcome to our site all, who are interested in trichology, both patients and doctors!

Patients will find answers to the questions, which they are interested in, and get qualified medical help from a doctor-trichologist in their city through registering for a consultation directly on our website.
Doctors will get a lot of new information that will help them find more efficient solutions for their patients, or they will try a new opportunity to open a doctor-trichologist's office by a franchise "DR Trichologist", that will be equipped "on a turn-key basis" - from competent diagnosis to qualitative drugs for treatment.
Having tried our brand for the treatment of your patients, you will remain true to it, and they will remain true to you!
We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation!



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