Bioregulator+ Shampoo

Stage of treatment:

2. Shampoos


Ref 013- 200ml
Ref 018- 500 ml


Nutritive shampoo with royal jelly. It is to be used in cases of hair loss and hair fiber restoration. Shampoo has moisturizing, regenerating, and revitalizing action to “sleeping” hair bulbs. Hair becomes silky, dense, and shiny. It is a gentle shampoo for sensitive scalp.

Mechanism of action
  1. Royal jelly is a strong biological stimulator. It contains proteins similar to blood serum ones, vitamins А, D, С, В1, В2, В3, В6, В12, В15, Н, E, РР, pantothenic acid (В5); fat acids; mineral salts, microelements. Royal jelly moisturizes, nourishes, and softens scalp, removes inflammation and restores hair bulb metabolism.
  2. Equisetum distillate contains a big quantity of silicon. It is very important for healthy hair.
  3. The shampoo contains an extracts of cereals (wheat, corn, oat, and barley). These cationicly-hydrolyzed proteins bind to the hair surface, restoring damage to the cortex, giving hair an amazing volume and shine.
  4. Argan oil in combination with coconut oil—fatty acids, antioxidants, ceramides—a revolutionary product, able to reconstruct damaged hair structure, returning it brightness and living tone.
  5. Beta-cyclodextrin, acids—conductors of assets to epidermis and hair cortex.



Prevention and treatment of all types of hair loss, as well as restoration of the structure of weak, delicate hair; care for sensitive seborrhoeic skin in remission.


Application instructions:

Apply to wet hear, leave for 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Use 1-3 times a week in combination with Hairloss Women Type Lotion and Bioregulator+ Lotion (for hair growth stimulation) or Chrysalid Oil Mask (for structure rebuilt) or Structurizer Lotion, as well as in a complex with a Total Control Peeling for a sensitive skin or Skin Breath Peeling Lotion for oily and normal skin.

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