Chrysalid Oil Mask

stage of treatment:


Ref. 004 Ph 5.8 200ml- 2.0 fl.oz


It is a product for increase of elasticity, hydration, and hair structure rebuilt. It is based silkworm chrysalid oil (silkworm pupa oil). The Chrysalid Oil Mask is a nourishing mask for dry, damaged hair. Fibroin, a part of the natural silk, due to the high content of glycine amino acid, is able to hold 7 times more moisture than any other substances, and therefore, it has tremendous moisturizing abilities. In addition, natural silk peptides contain a large number of active amino acids and proteins, which are embedded in the “damaged” areas of the hair and fill them. The mask does not contain silicones, so the maximum effect you will see after 2 months, while the active components reconstruct hair from the cortex to the shaft.

Mechanism of action
  1. Restoring the polypeptide structure of the hair with help of amino acids (silk, wheat, and oat proteins).
  2. Moisturizing and nutrition of hair without Strength, energy, and tremendous volume (castor, silkworm chrysalid, and olive oils).
  3. Silk components create a protective membrane around every hair, giving magic shine and radiance.


Application instructions:

Apply on clean, wet hair after shampoo washing, starting at the ends, leave for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with water.

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