Immunostimulator+ Lotion

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Ref. 010 100 ml


This is a powerful product designed to solve hair loss problems associated with immunological disorders (diffuse, focal, and subtotal ones).

Mechanism of action
  1. Shilajit (Mumiyo) is an adaptogen, a membrane stabilizer, an antioxidant, an immunomodulator, and a reparant. It contains a complex of biologically active substance (BAS) of organic (steroids, amino acids, vitamins, and phospholipids) and inorganic (microelements and major mineral elements (macroelements)) origin. It stimulates the metabolism in the follicle, normalizes the immune response, stimulates cell division of the follicle, and awakens “sleeping” hair follicles.
  2. Birch, astragalus, licorice, and equisetum—natural immunomodulators, adaptogenes—contain natural ketosteroids (phytohormones, restoring hair follicles in case of immunity disorders and autoimmune processes) and selenium (an antioxidant, immunostimulant, regulator of thyroid and pancreas activity).
  3. Ginkgo and horse chestnut extracts reduce arterial tone and improve cerebral blood flow, strengthen a vessel wall—they work with a microcirculatory component of alopecia pathogenesis.
  4. Bioactive hexapeptide (valine-glycine-valine-alanine-proline-glycine)—a genetic activator of hair growth. The regulatory peptide is easily integrated into all cellular processes and activates tissue growth factor, stimulates collagen synthesis, accelerates cell renewal, stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, elastin, fibronectin, and laminin. It has a pronounced stimulating effect on the synthesis of skin and hair fibroblasts through the binding of the receptors of their plasmolemma.
  5. Red onion, rosemary and peppermint oils—the irritant components of the drug—are responsible for improving microcirculation and stimulating the inflammation reaction in the area of hair loss.



Focal, posttraumatic alopecia, hair loss in autoimmune diseases, decreased function of the adrenal glands, insufficiency of the cellular and humoral branches of immunity.


Application instructions:

Apply on the partings to the washed scalp 1-3 times a week. Don’t rinse! Don’t use a hairdryer within 20 minutes after application! Stimulation of new hair growth is noticeable in 2-3 months.

It is recommended to use in complex with Reactivator+ Shampoo or Bioregulator+ Shampoo (to stimulate hair growth) and Chrysalid Oil Mask (to restore the structure), or Structurizer Lotion; as well as in combination with Total Control Peeling for sensitive skin or Skin Breath Peeling Lotion for oily and normal skin.

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