5-step trichological system

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The composition of the drugs combines the latest developments in biochemistry with biologically active plant substances extracted using the latest extraction technology, which greatly enhances the penetrating ability of the drug, and hence its effectiveness:
Regulatory peptides — Growth factors
stimulating the "bulge"
zone of the hair
Vegetable placenta — Stem cells and
nucleic acids
of wheat and
apple germs
Moomiyo, bee propolis, pollen — Parapharmaceuticals (regulating and stimulating the work of "Hair Growth Factories") and nutraceuticals (contain the most important nutrients - the source of hair growth energy)
Due to Dr. Trichologist

such problems are solved:

Hair loss, hair thinning (alopecia-diffuse, focal, androgenetic)
Seborrhea, hyperhidrosis, bacterial and viral folliculitis
Desquamative processes (seborrheic dermatitis, oil dandruff, dry dandruff)
Restoring the deep structure of hair fibers - hair reconstruction

Choose the stage of medical


1. 1. Peeling, cleansing Dr.Trichologist

2. 2. Shampoos

3. 3. Lotions for a specific problem Dr.Trichologist

4. 4. Reconstruction (washable drugs) Dr.Trichologist

5. 5. Reconstruction (indelible drugs) Dr.Trichologist

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