Superhair nutrition for 2 months (6 months)


Dr.Trichologist, 6. БАДы Dr.Trichologist

Indications: various types of hair loss, skin problems, nails problems. Universal dietary supplement for beauty!

Method of application: adults and children from 14 years old should take 1 teaspoon with a slide in the morning on an empty stomach, washed down with water.

Note! Exceed the dose only as prescribed by a Doctor!

In case of an allergic reaction, immediately stop using, consult a Doctor.

  1. Low-molecular collagen peptides of deep-sea fish of the cold seas help to restore and regenerate the skin, hair structure, joints and bones. They are easily digested and metabolized.
  2. Chlorella has a high content of iron, protein, a rich vitamin complex (K, Ca, P, Cu, Fe, S, Zn, I, chlorophyll), which allows it to be used in deficient conditions, to improve thyroid function, restore intestinal microbiota, and improve immunity, excrete heavy metals and radionuclides.
  3. Hop cones have anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, restorative and antioxidant effects. It is also a source of phytoestrogens – the most important female beauty hormones.
  4. Royal jelly is a unique product, rejuvenates and regenerates the whole body, has an antiviral, bacteriostatic effect, restores the hormonal background (fatty acids and sterols), also helps the hair to get all the necessary nutrients.

  5. Shiitake mushrooms help to control blood glucose levels (effect on insulin resistance), containing all 8 essential amino acids, linoleic acid and food enzymes, fibers. This improves food digestion and influences the formation of a healthy intestinal microbiota. It is also a source of vitamins B and D, improves the function of the adrenal glands.
  6. Horsetail is a source of silicon and phyto ketosteroids – adrenal support, has anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic effect as well; it improves tissue oxygenation and stimulates hair growth!
  7. Spinach is a source of copper, a record holder in the amount of iron, potassium, manganese, iodine. Fiber and chlorophyll are also very important for healthy hair growth!
  8. Lentil contains a lot of zinc and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, 90% of the daily value of folic acid, a lot of easily digestible protein (a structural component of hair).

  9. Currant restores the function of the adrenal glands, contains a lot of vitamin C, helps to absorb collagen. It has an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect on the pathogenic flora of the intestinal microbiota.
  10. Flax seeds – arginine, cystine, glutamine, tyrosine, essential fatty acids, omega 3.6 acids – a very rich composition helps to fill the body with all the necessary elements.
No. Name of the extract Content, g per 100 g
1.   Peptides of marine collagen from tilapia 30,0  
2.   Chlorella extract 5:1 15,0   
3.   Hydrolysate of hop cones 5,0  
4.   Royal jelly 10% 1,0  
5.   Shiitake mushroom extract (30% polysaccharides) 5,0  
6.   Horsetail extract 5:1 10,0   
7.   Spinach extract 5:1 5,0   
8.   Lentil extract 5:1 10,0   
9.    Currant leaf extract 5:1 5,0   
10.   Flax seed extract 5:1 15,0