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It has an effective impact on all of the major causes of hair loss in women.

  1. Derma hormonal balance normalization—5-alfa reductase block and estrogen increase (oleanolic acid, phytoestrogen complex).
  2. Capillary circulation strengthening, vessels extension and reinforcing (apigenin, bischofite, pepper extract, and nicotinic acid).
  3. Hair growth phase extension, metabolic processes speed-up, and hair root strengthening in derma (Biotinyl GHK).
  4. Filling with amino acids, microelements, and vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth (bischofite—70 microelements, proteins of hops, wheat, soybeans, clover, barberry…).
  5. Anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, regenerating, and sedative action (bischofite is a substance with unique activities).

Hairloss Women Type Scalp Lotion formula:

PROCAPIL is a French patented complex that identifies an effective impact on the main causes of hair loss: slowing down the aging process of hair follicles by reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone and enhancing metabolic processes in the root of the hair. Biotinyl GHK, a biologically active peptide that stimulates cellular metabolism while enhancing hair growth, strengthens the hair root in the dermis layer.

PROCAPIL™ consists of 3 active substances:

  1. Oleanolic acid (ACIDO OLEANOICO) is an extract of roots of Aconitum Hemsleyanum / Heracleum. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. It suppresses the generation of dihydrotestosterone (deceleration of the aging process in hair follicles).
  2. BIOTINYL-GHK is a vitaminized matrikin, a stimulator of cellular metabolism, and a biologically active peptide. It promotes strong fixation of the hair due to the action of the slicing proteins (prolongation of the growth phase), strengthens the hair root in the dermis layer, and stimulates cellular metabolism, while also enhancing hair growth.
  3. Apigenin (APIGENINA) is a flavonoid of the lemon extract. It has a positive effect on microcirculation. Apigenin has a vasodilating effect, which improves capillary circulation and dilates small blood vessels.

A complex of phytoestrogens (hydrolysates of soy, green peas, beans; extracts of celery root, red clover, alfalfa, hop cones, Alchemilla vulgaris (common lady’s mantle), flax seeds, and barberry) act as estrogen modulators and androgen antagonists. They exhibit a complex antiandrogenic effect. In particular, they inhibit 5-alpha reductase. Phytoestrogens can be called regulators of hair growth.

The skin contains a number of enzymes that participate in the transformation of sex hormones. Among them, an important role is played by aromatase, which converts androgen precursors to estrogens, and 5-alpha reductase, which turns the male sex hormone testosterone circulating in the blood into more active dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, the imbalance of sex hormones in the skin can be observed and at their normal concentration in the blood, if the local synthesis of estrogens is broken due to enzyme deficiency.

Bischofite is a natural mineral, including a chloride-magnesium-sodium complex, iodine, bromine, iron, and other elements. The main substance, which is part of bischofite, is magnesium chloride. In addition, it contains about 70 elements: sodium, bromine, boron, potassium, calcium, molybdenum, iron, copper, and others. According to the value of its composition, bischofite is not inferior to the famous salt of the Dead Sea.

Complex “magnesium + potassium” improves cerebral circulation, activates metabolic processes, and allows to quickly recover from stress.

Bromine, which is part of bischofite, balances the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex.

Extract of capsicum, methyl nicotinate—a warming effect, increased blood circulation.

Beta-cyclodextrin is a carbohydrate obtained by fermentation from starch.

The form of the molecules of beta-cyclodextrin in rough approximation is a hollow truncated cone. The internal cavity of beta-cyclodextrin is hydrophobic and is able to form inclusion complexes with other molecules of organic and inorganic nature in aqueous solutions. In inclusion complexes, beta-cyclodextrin is a “host” molecule, and the included substance is called “guest”. It is an excellent conduit of assets in the epidermis.



loss of “female” type, post-stress loss, loss of menopause, and prolonged hair loss.


Application instructions:

Apply on the partings to the washed scalp 1-3 times a week. Don’t rinse! Don’t use a hairdryer within 20 minutes after application! Stimulation of new hair growth is noticeable in 2-3 months. It is recommended to use in complex with Reactivator+ Shampoo or Bioregulator+ Shampoo (to stimulate hair growth) and Chrysalid Oil Mask (to restore the structure), or Structurizer Lotion; as well as in combination with Total Control Peeling for sensitive skin or Skin Breath Peeling Lotion for oily and normal skin.

The use of mesoroller (once a week) increases the efficiency at times.