Liquid Silk Shampoo

Stage of treatment:

2. Shampoos


Ref. 032 200 ml
Ref. 033 500 ml


This extra-moisturizing shampoo created for coarse, curly, damaged, color treated hair that demands more smoothness. It contains substances that satisfy the need of hair in moisture and make them softer.

Mechanism of action
  1. Base of the shampoo is algae extracts (fucus and laminaria—they are chemically close to the blood plasma and tissue liquid). They contain substances that have moisturizing, softening effect and cover hair fiber with film fixing keratin inside and restoring cuticle.
  2. Hydrolyzed keratin is a basic protein of the hair shaft. This is the regeneration of the polypeptide structure of the hair.
  3. Argan oil in combination with coconut oil—fatty acids, antioxidants, ceramides—a revolutionary product, able to reconstruct damaged hair structure, returning it brightness and living tone.
  4. Soft polymeric conditioners composition heals hair surface damages and compensate for lost moisture and elasticity.



dry, coarse, curly, damaged, and color treated hair.


Application instructions:

Apply to wet scalp, foam, and leave for 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. It is recommended to use in complex with Liquid Silk Balm (to restore the hair structure) and Liquid Silk Bi-Phased Lotion.

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